We are a webcam agency, built by webcam models. Below, you will find the reasons why High Society Models & Co are the best agency to join, as opposed to being with any other or being independent.


It is completely free to join our agencies, you do not have to pay ANYTHING to join or upfront. Once we have received all the information required to verify you, we will set your profile up fully.

Your profile will have a full Bio “about me” page, 2-3 profile photos of yourself (of your choice, that you would have sent when verifying) Your price per minute will be set (which you are free to change at anytime along with everything on your profile) Your mobile number and email will be verified allowing you to receive SMS texting which you earn 0.50 credits for every reply you send, and also set up to receive phone calls via the sit (Clients will not be able to see your number, it’s all done via the site) and phone call bookings once turned on by yourself depending on your availability.

Everything is done and ready for whenever you are fully verified. Meaning you can go live and earn money as soon as you are verified. You will always have full control over your profile, but the agency are always on hand to help and make any changes you need us to.

The turn around can be very quick, verification can take up to 48 hours but is normally done within a few hours. Potentially, you could apply today and be earning by tomorrow.

Regular model parties

We regularly hold parties, or / and meet ups for our models. Since May 2021 we have had:

* A launch party in a private nightclub in Wiltshire. All drinks were FREE to the models
* Rugby Matches
* A Christmas party in a nightclub in Manchester. All drinks and food were FREE to the models. We all stayed in a massive Townhouse with a hot tub. Some of the accommodation was paid for by some models.
* Dinners out – We’ve met up in places like Birmingham, and gone to Miller & Carter
* Coffee Dates – Random Coffee dates at Costa in Bristol
* All day brunches – We went to a town near Birmingham and went to an All day Brunch followed by a night out
* A wedding – Agent Emily and some other models even went to another models wedding all the way in Scotland.
* Lunch Dates – We’ve done lunches in Gloucester, Bristol, and Birmingham so far, with many more to come.
* Shopping Trips – We went to the Bullring shopping
* Model’s Birthday parties – We rented a big country house and threw an Abba themed birthday party for one of the models, now agent of High Society Angels (Hannah)
* Air b&B getaways – We’ve rented weekend away houses in places like Devon, North Wales, Birmingham with more coming soon
* Theme park days – We’ve done to theme parks with our families, including some of our .
* Fair days – We’ve gone out for fair days with model’s and their 
* We had a High Society Models birthday party in Birmingham where we had VIP access and drinks package at a nightclub.Drinks and club entry was FREE to the models
* Camping trips – We’ve done some models only camping trips as well as ones with some of our , in places like the New Forest in Hampshire and Devon.
* Emily, the agent of High Society Models has had over 20 models come to her country home in Gloucestershire for numerous family events, parties, HQ training or simply coffee catch ups.
* Summer Festivals – We hired a huge country home for 3 nights where we had a hotter, organised a photoshoot, a massive party with DJ, and a family day with a bouncy castle for those who didn’t have the option of . We like to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of their situations.
* Gender Reveal – After Emily’s recent pregnancy announcement over 10 models travelled down to Gloucestershire to her home to celebrate with her.
Each group chat has a budget of £500 for an event / meet up a year. Meaning there are at least 7 big events each year. Totalling at £3,500 given away for these events

Progression / Low agency fees

One of the most important things to Emily when starting this agency was that there was room for growth. From being with another agency previously, she knew how much she wanted to help others, and be more than just a model within the agency. Unfortunately, it was not readily available for her to do more, and be credited for within the previous agency. That is why we have made the “Progression Scheme” so models within the agency can build their way up, if they choose to. The site we use always take a 30% site fee (It may seem high but it is the lowest around – One day we will have our own streaming site and it won’t be this high!) Climbing the progression ladder comes with a lower agency fee. 

As you can read from our benefits we do A LOT for our models, and our 15% agency fee we feel, is more than valid. Add that to the fact is actually goes down to 0% with progression – It becomes the LOWEST agency fee out of ANY agency on the third party streaming site.

* Models – 15% Agency fee – 55% of credits take home 
* Trainee Admin – 13.5% Agency fee – 56.5% of credits take home 
* Admin – 12% Agency fee – 58% of credits take home 
* Senior Admin – 10% Agency fee – 60% of credits take home 
* Assistant Manager – 0% Agency fee – 70% of credits take home (The same as being independent on the site, yet with ALL our amazing benefits still.
* Manager – 0% Agency fee – 70% of credits take home AND £216.66 a month wage (Paid at £50 weekly)

>>Some models have worked their way up so high they are now running their own agency, one of our sister agencies! We have 6 other agencies under our franchise umbrella High Society International, High Society Models VIP, High Society Angels, High Society Dolls, High Society Gems and High Society Babes Could yours be next?<<

Frequent Pay - Weekly pay and 'on request pay'

The site we use pay 3 weeks in arrears, meaning, if you were not with an agency on the site you would have to wait 3 weeks for a pay out, which eventually goes to every 2 weeks. A lot of agencies pay every 2 weeks. We pay every Monday evening around 9pm. We also do ‘On request pay’. In this industry you hear of ‘Daily Pay’ agencies who are (were) our biggest competitor, as some people want to make money quickly. So with us always wanting to improve and to always be the best out there, we had to take it a step better… ‘On request pay’ does what it says on the tin. It gives our models the chance to have the money they have made immediately instead of waiting until the normal weekly payday.

We know what it’s like to sometimes not being able to afford the gas and running on the emergency credit. We want our models to. know they can turn to us and webcam modelling whenever they need to, and that their earnings are easily accessible.

Low minimum payout

The streaming site we use has a minimum pay out of credits set at 150. Meaning, if you don’t hit 150 credits in a week, you will have to wait until you hit 150 to be able to transfer them (and then wait 3 weeks for them to be paid to your bank like stated previously) Most Agencies have 50-200 minimum payout as well. 

At High Society Models, our minimum payout is only 15 credits! Even if you make 15 credits in a week, we will still always transfer it to you on a Monday evening (or before with ‘on request pay’) That’s a few costa coffees; every little helps! We never, EVER discriminate, delete your profile or remove you for “not making enough” like some agencies.

incentives, competitions & prizes

We often hold competitions, and incentives for prizes. We give away thousands of pounds a month in prizes and competitions. Some have included:

* We have recently given away an 5* all inclusive holiday for two, for a week away to one of our models.
* x 2 Golden circle BEYONCE tickets; right in front of the stage! They cost the agency over £400 EACH.
* We’ve given away a genuine Louis Vuitton Pochette Kirigami worth over £500.
* Talent shows – Each group chat (7) had 3 prizes. 1st prize £25, 2nd prize £20 3rd prize £15. A total of 21 winners. £420 given away in total.
* Directcammer of the day giveaway (worth between £100-£200)
* Halloween costume competition – Each group chat (7) had 3 prizes. 1st prize £20, 2nd prize £10 3rd prize £5. A total of 21 winners. £245 given away in total.
* Step ladder scheme – Where the more you earn the bigger the prize you win, things from Spa day for 2, Spa day for 2 with 3 treatments, 1 night away for 2.
* International Women’s day giveaway – Each group chat (7) had 3 prizes. 1st prize £20, 2nd prize £10 3rd prize £5. A total of 21 winners, and £245 given away in total.
* Webcammer of the week – Each group chat admin team choses who they feel has grafted (not necessarily the highest earner) and truly deserves it gets £10 extra in their bank.
* “Game nights” where again, you win prizes and credits for simply logging in and earning. We do games such as bingo, and spin the wheel. 1st prize £15, 2nd prize £10 and 3rd prize £5. We run this weekly in all group chats. So every week there’s at least 21 winners getting a share of £210.
* We have previously paid out over £1,000 in bonus prizes that included spa breaks, and spa getaways.
* We also had a competition to the first model to 10,000 credits won one a £500 gift card to spend things like a holiday, helicopter ride, or even a zoo keeper for a day!
* We do a £50 Food shop supermarket giveaway to those who are in need once a month, all through our 7 group chats (so 7 winners a month amounting to £350 given away just from that 1 giveaway)
* Surprise giveaways – Credit race, first model to 200 credits gets £50 straight in their bank. Between each group chat, so 7 winners in total amounting to £350 given away just randomly
* We are currently running a summer incentive where there will be 25 winners, A total of £1510 worth in prizes! We have deliberately tailored the prizes so they fit around EVERYONE. There are some single person ones, some family ones, some couple ones, night stays away, days out, zoo trips, photoshoots. So many!

We are registered on Companies House

We are a limited company, who you can find on Companies House. Companies House is an essential part of the business community, as it acts as a central hub for all company details. It provides necessary protection and information that results in a stable and fair environment of business operation. You can see all our end of year accounts, creditors and debtors, so essentially what we have in “our pot” This is very important information. As you will be able to see that even if Adult Work were not to pay the agency your arrear credits one wee, we would still be able to pay you. We are very financially stable.

Collabs & photoshoots

We are about to host a massive collaboration with numerous businesses which we are hoping will become a regular occurrence. This is an opportunity for small businesses to collaborate with our models to promote their business, and a way for our models to have a fun day taking photos, videos etc for their profiles and social media.


We have recently been featured on Channel 5’s Adult’s Only Serious 3, episode 6 – “Find me a Ca Girl” where the production team follows Emily signing up a new model and her success.

Free training and site navigation

We are the ONLY agency to offer a Training Course within this industry. We have an extensive course on our very own website that teaches and trains you from what Webcam modelling actually is, to how to use the third party site. The third party streaming site we use is somewhat outdated, although it is the busiest and most successful site out there. At first glance it is very daunting, and hard to navigate around. To use it to its full advantage, we give free training via training videos which shows you step by step how to do each different avenue of making money on the site. Our training includes how to make changes to your profile yourself and how to utilise other streams of revenue from the site like; SMS texting(do not worry, they cannot see your mobile number, it’s all done via the site) Selling content whether that’s videos or photos, Direct Chat where clients can call you via the site straight to your mobile (do not worry, they cannot see your mobile number) Direct IM which is similar to live streaming on webcam except they cannot see you – Very similar to MSN if you can remember that from back in the day! Yet you get paid per minute. Adding items to a “Wishlist” so clients can treat you to things such as flowers and perfume, writing erotica to sell and writing blogs. All of these are set up for you when you initially join, but the site navigation videos show you how to turn these on / off and how to make changes to them as well as many other tricks and hacks on the site including how to boost traffic to your profile.

Ongoing support

Whether it’s from one of our amazing group chats of around 100-200 other models, or from a catch up call, rant, chin wag, or whatever with me, or one of your admin team, to our managers “Monday Mental Health Check-in with Gemma”. Regardless whether it’s to do with webcamming, or something in your personal life, we are always here to support you in any way we can. We genuinely care about our models!

Full control over your profile

You will always keep full control over your profile, and you’ll be able to access it and make changes to it whenever you want. We’ve heard of some management agencies not even allowing their models to make changes themselves – We are not like that! We would rather teach and help you and help you make the changes yourself.


Group chats

This may seem like an odd benefit to some, but webcam modelling can get very lonely, especially if you are having a bad day. All the models on the group chat are so supportive! They motivate you, they empower you, and most importantly, support you; in every aspect of your life, not just regards to webcamming. We are the best group of colleagues you will ever meet! It’s always given me the creeps when seeing an agency the uses a third party site to communicate via forums etc. it feels robotic and not very approachable or easily accessible. We use WhatsApp so that there’s always a friendly model, admin team member, manager or even myself to chat to / ask for help! We are the best group of colleagues you will ever meet! There is so much love and banter in all the group chats. We currently have 7 in total, but each one has their own amazing Admin team made up of a Manager, Assistant Managers, Senior Admins, Admins and Trainee Admins. Every group chat has at least 6 admins who are constantly around should you ever need them, for anything.

No hassle leaving

Further up we spoke about our high intake of “Transfers” (Transfers are where a model already has a profile on the third party site we use), and is either Independent on the site or with another agency) other horror stories we have had is of models trying to leave another agency and the agent has done vile things to their profile, some have included: Stealing their credits (so essentially stealing their money), Putting their personal mobile number to showing so 1. they are charged and 2.clients can obtain it, deleted their content, deleted their entire profile (do not worry if this happens, we can get it back or start you a brand new, better one) With us, if you make the decision to leave, we will simply send you our “cons of leaving” pack which explains in depth reasons why you shouldn’t leave us. Once receiving and reading through that, if you still decide you want to leave us, although we will be upset and gutted it is essentially your decision and we will not stop you. We will simply release your profile, fully intact WITH your credits still on your profile. We do not have a notice period, nor will we ever mess around with your profile. You are welcome to re join us anytime, we will welcome you back with open arms.

No contracts

From being a very well established agency, and the best (because of all these amazing benefits you are currently reading) we have had a considerable amount of what we call “transfers” Transfers are where a model already has a profile on the streaming site we use and is either Independent on the site or with another agency.

We’ve had horror stories of models wanting to join us, and being threatened with a contract when they’ve asked to leave their previous agency. In all cases we’ve been able to get them released with no repercussions. This is because the contract is void. As a webcam model you are self employed. An employment contract has no weight. Other agency’s simply use it as a fear mongering tactic to keep you from leaving.

We do not make our models sign any type of employment contract.


We have designed and created our own merchandise which are readily available to any of our models should they wish to purchase one. We also do giveaways and giveaway our merchandise on the regular. It’s a great statement piece, and an amazing way to promote your agency!

Payments come from a legitimate business account

Again, this is a very important point, as it effects your payments. Most agencies pay from their personal current account, because where they don’t do anything above board they are unable to get a Business Account. This leads into a lot of agencies unable to pay their models very suddenly, because it is a breach of a current account Terms and Conditions to use it as a business account (ie. paying out to numerous payees regularly) and therefore their accounts are shut down with immediate effect, meaning they would need to re-submit a beneficiary application to the streaming site, and then wait 3 weeks for the first initial payment, all whilst models are left without their pay. This would never happen here at High Society Models, as we have a legitimate Business Account, we have a corporate plan, with a corporate team manager who we deal with directly. It’s hard for any business in the Adult entertainment industry to hold a legitimate, stable bank account as most are commissioned by MasterCard. Ours is not. Our bank know we are in the Adult Entertainment industry and do not discriminate like every other bank. 

Legal assistance & copyright protection

We are officially an enterprise client of one of the biggest law firms in the UK. This means we now have fast access to highly experienced solicitors. The law firm consists of very experienced, partner level solicitors recruited from top 100 UK law firms or legal departments of large international business. There are two main reasons why we have done this. It’s a massive goal for us and hopefully something we feel will contribute to the stigma against Webcam Models, and also protect them more.

Protection for our models –
When I started webcam modelling it became apparent to me that there was no real “protection” for us. No agent that I have ever come across helps models to protect their content, and also educates them in the laws surrounding your content if it is leaked, AND helps them prosecute any perpetrators.

Protection for our business, content and training –
It came to our attention recently that agencies are copying our work.
All our content on our Instagram and other social media platforms including our training is already automatically protected by copyright, but this was not enough for us. We did not work hard for someone to come along and steal our work. It’s illegal under the “passing off” and copyright infringement laws.
We reserve the right to prosecute any party found copying, distributing copies, renting or lending copies, performing, showing or playing in public, making adaptions of our work, and/or putting it on the internet

You will have the option to “opt in” to our copyright contract, meaning your content will be protected. This is at no additional cost or higher percentage. 

International nationalities

We are one of the very few agencies that can set up models from outside of the UK. (We can accept any country apart from the US and UAE – this is due to insurance purposes) We are able to send international payments from our business bank account, or we can use Paypal too.

Everything we do is above board

We are going to section this point out, as it is THE most important point. We are the only agency out there that does everything above board. We do everything legitimate, and we are always transparent with our models. This, is what makes us continuously stand out from every other agency out there. We are not ran nor owned by a corporate, money making machine. We are ran by an experienced webcam model, who used to /do still webcam on this very site.

Profile traffic boosts

We regularly feature the group on the homepage, which costs the agency anything from £100-£250. This is completely free of charge to you (included in your agency fees) We also have a system and schedule in place which helps our models to feature on the homepage regularly. We run regular competitions where you can win £250 worth of featuring credits, meaning you don’t have to pay to feature if you win!

free group featuring on the homepage

We pay (at no extra cost to you) to feature the whole group on the Homepage. We have discovered that this massively boosts the traffic of the models online. Every so often we send out up to date dates of what days we are featured on. We try and feature as much as possible.

We are all GDPR trained

GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. Companies that collect data on citizens in European Union (EU) countries need to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data. This means we are trained to hold your personal data securely. All office staff are GDPR trained.

We are registered with the ICO

The ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office) is an independent body dedicated to upholding information rights in the public interest and data privacy for individuals in the UK. This entails making sure they process personal information in a fair and transparent manner that respects an individual’s rights. – We are registered and therefore commissioned by them, as a legitimate agency… Not just a group on Adult Work. We are a Modelling Agency.

News articles

High Society Models has been featured in The Sun, The US Sun, Daily Star, Birmingham Live, Gloucester Live, Nottingham Live, Manchester Evening News, Jo Co Uk, Echo, Metro, Clarin, MSN News, North Wales Live, Wales Online, Emintra, LaPatilla, Stern, Flipboard and many other news papers world wide including places like Peru, Germany and Argentina! This led to our social media being flooded with followers, and not just those interested in webcamming themselves. We have gained a lot of followers who could potentially evolve into clients too.