One of the most important things to Emily when starting this agency was that there was room for growth. From being with another agency previously, she knew how much she wanted to help others, and be more than just a model within the agency. Unfortunately, it was not readily available for her to do more, and be credited for within the previous agency.

That is why we have made the “Progression Scheme” so models within the agency can build their way up, if they choose to. The site we use always take a 30% site fee (It may seem high but it is the lowest around – One day we will have our own streaming site and it won’t be this high!) Climbing the progression ladder comes with a lower agency fee.

As you can read from our benefits we do A LOT for our models, and our 15% agency fee we feel, is more than valid. Add that to the fact is actually goes down to 0% with progression – It becomes the LOWEST agency fee out of ANY agency on the third party streaming site.

* Models – 15% Agency fee – 55% of credits take home
* Trainee Admin – 13.5% Agency fee – 56.5% of credits take home
* Admin – 12% Agency fee – 58% of credits take home
* Senior Admin – 10% Agency fee – 60% of credits take home
* Assistant Manager – 0% Agency fee – 70% of credits take home (The same as being independent on the site, yet with ALL our amazing benefits still.
* Manager – 0% Agency fee – 70% of credits take home AND £216.66 a month wage (Paid at £50 weekly)

>>Some models have worked their way up so high they are now running their own agency, one of our sister agencies! We have 6 other agencies under our franchise umbrella High Society International, High Society Models VIP, High Society Angels, High Society Dolls, and High Society Gems. Could yours be next?<<