Along with this information pack, there are also numerous videos explaining how to navigate around the streaming site itself.

We use Adultwork as our streaming site. It is the biggest streaming site in the world with a massive client base which currently stands at over 4 million, with over 250,000 logging in every month.

Therefore, I always stand by the fact that webcam modelling trumps other avenues such as Only Fans and Admire me, because there is no need to market; the clients are already there, with their pockets full.

There are many ways to make money on Adultwork:

Live Webcam shows – This is where you log into a broadcaster and appear “live” to the client. On this screen, I would have initially put you into what we call “Free Mode” this allows clients to enter and leave your room, free of charge for 5 minutes. Free mode is an amazing way to allow clients to have a “preview” of you in order to entice them into a paid mode.

There are two types of paid modes. Group mode and Private mode. Group mode allows you to have 6 clients in your room at once, whereas private mode is just you and one other client. Group mode price per minute is cheaper, but, if you have 6 clients at once, you will earn more per minute. For example, if your rate is set at 1.29 per minute for a group and 2.29 a minute for a private yet you have 6 clients in your room in group mode you will be making 7.74 credits a minute! Direct Chat / Phone Chat – Adult work also has two different ways to offer phone chat. 

Direct Chat- This is where it keeps your number anonymous; the client calls via adult work. You will then have an 020 (London number) call on your mobile (so your number is hidden from the client) where an automated voice will say “To accept a call from an Adult Work member, press 1” Once you press 1, you will instantly be put through to the client. Please be aware, credits earned from Direct chat can take 24 hours to appear on your credit statement. The other is called Pre-booked Phone Chat, this is where it uses booking forms and the client calls you at a pre-arranged time, again with your pricing in play and an accept/reject process – Their number will appear once you have both accepted and you call them from your mobile making sure you put 141 in front in order to hide your number. Again, credits earned from Direct chat can take 24 hours to appear on your credit statement.

For both direct chat and phone chat bookings, nothing happens if you have not marked yourself as being available for the relevant booking type. This prevents unwanted calls or contact requests when you don’t want them. (Please see video on how to mark yourself as available) SMS / Texting – There is also an SMS service, they can do this by going onto your profile and typing in the text box. Again, your number is completely hidden. Every time you reply to a message it will earn you 0,50 credits.

All the above I would have already set up for you when creating your profile. Below are bits you will need to add yourself, but there are training videos showing you how to do so. If you need a hand with any of it, please just pop me a message and I’ll be happy to help!

Private photos / Movies – Like content creating sites, Adultwork also offer a way to sell photos and movies. It’s very straightforward (please refer to training videos on how to upload) You simply upload any photos into categorised albums and set the price. Please be aware, Adultwork run special offers occasionally which allows clients to purchase access to private photos and movies free of charge if they spend over a certain number of credits. This is out of our control, so please do not fret if a client advises they have seen your photos or movies without paying.

Market place – This is where you can sell used clothing, underwear toys etc. It’s a great place to sell pants. I once sold a pair for 300 credits! You can add a description and price by how long you’ve worn them, and what you’ve done in them whilst wearing (ie. Had a play in them for half an hour) I would seal them in a zip tight sandwich bag, pop in an envelope and then post. Make sure you either include postage in the price or add it separately (Please refer to the training video on how to do this)

Wish List – Similar to Amazon, you can add items to your Wishlist. There are so many cool things you can pop on there. From perfume to smart TVs and even day experiences! It’s a good way for regular clients to buy you a special gift. The client cannot see your address don’t worry! (Please see training video on how to add items to your wishlist)

This is why we feel Adultwork is the best site because you can do everything under one roof.