Clear minimal background

When on Cam, it is crucial to have the area behind, and around you dear and with minimal distractions. YOU are the main show. Clients don’t want to be distracted by anything going on in your background, so make sure it’s as plain and minimal behind you as possible.

Good lighting - well lit

The client needs to be able to see you, clearly. I highly advise purchasing a ring light. I got mine from Amazon for £80, but you can get them cheap in places like B&M and Home Bargains. Play around with the lighting, I find on my Mac facing the ring light away (so lighting up the background) from me makes me look better on cam. Yet on my old laptop, having it face my directly made me look better.

No personal photos/family photos

It is against Adult Work rules to have anyone else in your Webcam room, including photos. So please make sure there is no family photos showing in the background; Especially none of children!

I used to put paper in front of mine (as I had loads on a shelf behind my bed).

No mess! Tidy, clean space

Similar to the other minimal, clear background point. Make sure the space around you is tidy. No washing left out, bed is made; Again, so the focus is solely on you and nothing else.

This then also makes it easier for you to move around should you need to. I used to always move from my desk to my bed.

Sign / talking point in eyesight

This may sound contradicting to the other points I’ve made. But I would say, as long as the rest of the background is minimal and it’s just this sign / talking point then it can sometimes work in your favour.

In my old flat, I used to cam from my bed a lot. Behind my bed was a sign saying ” Get Naked” it wasn’t even strategically placed there, I just liked the print. But, I used to have so many conversations about it. It was a fab conversation starter!

I also always used to have my Designer heel collection on show in the background. Again, a fab talking point.

A lot of the models also have their toys’ on show. Again, this leads to clients asking questions about them.

Some models even have signs. Saying “Tips for twirls” etc.

Comfy & back supporting

This is the most important point of all. Make sure you are comfortable! As I have said previously, I switch it up between sitting at my desk (I used to live in a tiny 2 bedroom flat, and had no room nor the money to afford a desk. So I put up a “floating shelf” (pictured below) so I could cam comfortably from there. As I used to cam solely from my bed and it started destroying my back!) and my bed.

So switch it up. If you have room for a desk, 100% get one. I also had a fold-up one | sometimes used (also pictured below) which was from B&M. It used to fold up flat so I could easily store behind my bedroom door when not in use.

Please make sure you are comfortable whenever camming!