Any information within the High Society Models WhatsApp chats, is confidential. Therefore, you do not have permission to share any of its content. This includes but, not limited to, images, phone numbers, personal details, training, text, or any other information from this group chat. This also includes, but not limited to, forwarding messages / images, screen shotting the context of the chat. If anyone is found to be discussing the context ie. something spoken about in the chat with anyone outside of the chat, you wil be removed from the agency effective immediately. I will not have model’s confidentially tainted because someone likes to “gossip”. Gossip, hearsay and childish behaviour will not be tolerated within this agency. I hold the right to remove you instantly if I believe this is happening.

You can turn your settings on whatsapp to not automatically save images, this not only keeps you in line with our copyright infringement legislation but also saves storage on your phone. If you have a storage warning on your phone, simply delete the chat, you do not have to leave the chat.


As you know Adult Work talk in the term ‘ “Credits” Models are on 55% take home. I am always transparent with anyone within this agency. The 45% taken off, is made up of 30% site fees, and 15% agency fees. If you decided, and are successful on joining the progression scheme then your agency fee goes down, and therefore your take home goes up as follows:

Trainee Admin – 56.5%

Admin – 58%

Senior Admin – 60%

Assistant Manager – 65%

Manager 70% (so no agency fee)

I ask that although we love seeing everyone’s incomes in the chat that you try and post credits only. Otherwise it leads to people being confused over why certain people’s take home is different to others.

Please do post your credits, on good days and bad days! It’s important to motivate other models when you’re having a good day but equally as good to show your bad days too. Just like any job, there are good days and bad days and it’s important to show that.

Please also be conscious of posting your credits too much. We want to spark motivation, not jealousy or annoyance!

All income must be kept via Adult Work. This is not one of our rules, but that of AdultWork. It is in their Terms and Conditions:

  1. Prohibited Uses

6.1 You may use our Websites only for lawful purposes under

this agreement. You must not use our Websites:

To direct anyone away from, or to voluntarily leave our

Websites to complete payments for services available on our

Websites, including, but not limited to, Webcam services,

Phone Chat services (including DirectChat, DirectIM, and SMS

Chat), Content Sales (pictures/movies), and Sale Items.

If you are found to be taking clients away from Adultwork, ie.

Taking a direct payment for a Skype or Snapchat session your account will be deleted by them, permanently. So, you will never be able to use Adultwork, or sign to another agency. This is out of our control. It is also not worth it. We use Adultwork as it is the biggest streaming site in the world with millions of monthly users.

Personal Details

Do not give out any personal details, including, but not limited to, your name, location, Instagram, mobile numbers, and Snapchat to any client. Similar to the other house rule ‘Income Part 2’ Adultwork could see this as you taking clients away from the site. As your agency, High Society Models, and our sister agencies purely say this for your safety.

This site is a chance to have a completely different alias. It protects you from any clients finding out who you really are.

Trigger warnings

We originally had a no “sensitive” subjects brought up in the group chat ie. Anything that could be a trigger to someone else as a rule. But as we have come to grow, we have come to learn that the group chats are some models only place of support, and safe space. So we understand that things maybe brought up that are unrelated to webcam, which is absolutely fine. I started this agency to give support to women inside and outside of webcamming.

With that said, I do ask you to follow a few rules when discuss something you feel maybe a sensitive subject. Please make sure you clearly header it with *TRIGGER WARNING* followed by the subject you are about to discuss ie. *TRIGGER WARNING – DOMESTIC VIOLENCE*

If any model is then triggered by the followed subject, they can simply scroll past, or avoid the chat for a while. If the conversation seems to be continuing for a while, a team member may ask you to continue the conversation privately in order to prevent someone being triggered. Please know, you are always welcome to message any of your admin team privately to discuss any issues, just make sure you still put a trigger warning when sending a direct message, just in case said admin is triggered.

It is hard for us to dictate what a sensitive subject is, or what should be classed as one.

Below are a few examples, but please use your common sense. These are just examples

and not inclusive to the only sensitive subjects that need to be Trigger Warned.

Domestic Violence, Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Infertility, Mental Health, Drug abuse, Divorce, sexual abuse, self-harm, violence, eating disorders, Terminations, Death, Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness.

Illegal / Banned Subjects

Although we ask sensitive subjects to be Trigger Warned, there are some subjects that we consider to be banned from our group chats. The list below also includes all of our banned Taboos, kinks and Fetishes list which you can find on the training site. Other banned subjects are as follow. Adult Work offer their Websites as a place where users can express their creativity and monetize their content. But users must respect the following content standards. Failure to comply with these Content Standards may result in suspension or termination of their AW account and also termination from our agency. You must, in your entirety, comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You must not:

  • Depict, discuss, facilitate, promote, advertise, or solicit any illegal activity, or depict, advocate, discuss, facilitate, promote, advertise, solicit, or assist any activity that violates applicable law.
  • Contain any harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, harassing, violent, hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable material.
  • Promote violence or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Promote, depict, or discuss children, child exploitation or abuse, age-play, incest, rape or non-consensual sex, sexual assault, extreme violence, non-consensual pain, blood, cutting, self-harm, suicide, erotic asphyxiation, torture, dismemberment or graphic mutilation, sadomasochistic abuse, hardcore bondage, fisting, genital mutilation, hypnosis, intoxication (including slurred speech, staggered walking/running, excessive pupil dilation), bestiality, hard sports, activities involving perversion or degradation (such as drinking urine, urination, or vomiting on to the body, or excretion or use of excreta), menstrual bleeding, paraphilia, necrophilia, or any other matter that would be considered obscene under the applicable community standards.
Others nudes

No nudity of others, unless you have their permission

– By this I mean, obviously in a group full of women we want to show off our photos, outfits etc. But please refrain from sending “naughty” pics of men, or anyone else that is not you. We have a separate group chat for any women needing or wanting to send photos of their clients for “rinsing”.


No discussion or promotion about other content creating or streaming sites. le. Only Fans, or Admire

  1. We currently use Adultwork, but we are a third-party agency. We have no loyalties or contract with Adult Work to use them. If any other site came up that we felt is better, we would happily move you over to there. But for now, it is the best site, although this may change in the future.

For the time being, please do not discuss other sites unless instructed to.

AW Policies & Agreements

Adultwork have their own policies and agreements. Please go to ‘Legal’ at the bottom of any page on Adult Work to read through them all.

Their Websites provides users seeking services (“Customers”) with access to adult-oriented audiovisual clips, images, and various other products and services offered by third-party advertisers (“Advertisers”). By accessing our Websites, you will be exposed to graphic visual depictions, nudity, adult language, and descriptions of explicit sexual activity. Access and registration to our Websites are free.

“This agreement and our other policies and agreements apply to all users, whether you are a “visitor” or a “registered user.” By clicking on the “Enter” button on the warning page, checking the appropriate box during registration, or accessing any part of our Websites, you agree to this agreement and our other policies and agreements. If you do not want to agree to this agreement and our other policies and agreements, you must leave. If you breach any part of this agreement or our other policies and agreements, we may revoke your license to access our Websites, block your access, and suspend or cancel your account (if you have one). We may change this agreement on one or more occasions by updating this page. The top of this page will tell you when we last updated this agreement. Changes take effect on the “Last Updated” date stated at the top of this page. Changes will not operate retroactively. We will try to let you know when we change this agreement if we can do so reasonably. But you should frequently check this page to make sure that you are operating under the most current version of this agreement. We will consider your continued use of our Websites after we post the changes as your acceptance of the changes even if you do not read them. If you do not agree to the changes, your sole remedy is to cancel your account and stop accessing our Websites.

1.3. If you have any questions about this agreement or our other policies and agreements, please contact us.

Client Names

If you are posting a conversation between you and a client (sometimes you may have a query, want to show off a good come back, or to give us a laugh) please make sure the clients name is scribbled / edited out. Their privacy and confidentially is just as important as ours.

Leaving Chat / Agency

If you would like to leave the group chat (as I know it can get very busy, with a lot of notifications), please try muting it first, you don’t always have to respond or reply in order to get support whenever you need. If it is taking up too much of your storage simply delete the chat. Please also make sure you have your auto saving setting turned off. If you still want to leave the group chat / or leave the agency altogether, please message me first. If you leave the chat without a message beforehand, I will deactivate your profile immediately, and your credits will be forfeited as per our Group Terms.

Models must give a 7-day notice period before instructing a ‘Leave Request’ via AW as per the Group Terms on it’s group page on AW. Failure to do so will result in credits forfeited.

Group Terms

Group Member Provisions and Group Terms:

  • Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDP) a Model’s personal details remain their property, regardless of who created the profile. If a model requests removal, the Group Manager (Agent) is obliged to do so without hindrance to the Model’s ability to access their profile, either while still within, or outside of the Group.
  • Models profiles must not be re-used or copied by anyone other than the original person the profile and data within belongs to. (HS Models LTD est. 2022.) therefore we hold the right to delete any context of a model’s profile which we have written / done.
  • If Model’s permit the agent to set up and/or allow others to access their profiles, AW will not become involved with any financial arrangements or disputes.
  • With the exception of any Model’s profile that is covered by a support agreement with one of the AW Business Advisors; if a Group Member wishes to leave a Group, the agent must comply with their request.
  • Relevant sections under “Advertiser Earnings” apply to Group Managers, too.
  • Group Managers aka Agents are responsible for advising Model’s that any illegal activity will not be tolerated, and the Group Member aka Models profile may be deleted with credits forfeited. – If any Model is found breaking AW policies and agreements, or / and High Society Models and it’s sister agency’s house rules the Models profile may be deleted with credits forfeited.
  • Models must give a 7 day notice period before instructing a ‘Leave Request’ via AW as per the Agency’s terms on it’s group page on AW. Failure to do so will result in credits forfeited.
Common Courtesy

This may seem like a bizarre “rule” as such, so see it more as a reminder that manners do not cost a thing. Politeness and gratitude go a long way. Myself and our amazing admin team work our booty’s off to make this agency successful, and to ensure all our models are supported, so common courtesy is greatly appreciated.

Please also appreciate that a lot of the admins also have full-time jobs, some rely on webcamming as their sole income and even if they are online they are not always readily available.

Some, like myself, also have children along with other outside of the agency commitments. So please respect that sometimes our replies maybe sporadic.

If at any point you feel you have not had a reply within a sufficient time, please feel free to call me, your manager or assistant manager.

Please note, that failure to abide by these rules could result in your time with HS MODELS LTD, HS ANGELS LTD or HS MODELS VIP LTD being terminated.