High Society Models & co


Our Franchises

Who are High Society & Co?

High Society Models & Co are all female run webcam modelling agencies. All of the agencies are owned and ran by models who have worked their way up the progression scheme. 

We have 6 agencies within the High Society Models & Co Franchise: 

High Society Models
High Society Models VIP
High Society Models International
High Society Gems
High Society Dolls


High Society Model’s is the original agency, it was established by Emily in 2021. Emily had previously been a member of another agency, she flourished her way to become one of the top earners quickly, alongside managing their social media platforms and recruitment, but saw a niche in the market, so decided to start her own agency. Emily created High Society Models to bring something new to the industry. Before, it seemed as though the Adult Entertainment Industry was full of other agencies taking a percent of model’s earnings for nothing more than a quicker payment turn around. Emily’s agency skyrocketed very quickly due to her being different, and bringing a new fun, lease of life into the industry. 

High Society Model’s was franchised due to Emily realising that there is enough room in the industry for other agencies, meaning reaching and helping more people gain financial independence just like she did thanks to the Adult Entertainment industry. With many ambitious models within the agencies, she also wanted to give those a chance to run their own agency and work their way up just like she did. 

The franchise is called High Society Models & Co, with all agencies under that umbrella.

What’s the difference in the franchise agencies?

The simple answer is nothing. All the agencies give the same support, help and love. We all use the same training (this site) along with the same forum site (our hidden Facebook group) to give announcements and for anyone to post if they wish. We also do joint parties which are inclusive to everyone in the agencies.

The only differences are: The WhatsApp group chats will include other models from your agency and not any models from the other agencies. Incentives, competitions and games nights etc may vary (But all do incredible ones with some BIG prizes!)

Some agencies may have their own mini get togethers as well as the big, franchise wide events. All agencies have their own incredible admin team.

We really are the best bunch of weirdo girl gang you will ever meet. Everyone gets on amazingly throughout the franchise. We are one big, messed up family; and we love it!

So Welcome to the mad house… Let the fun begin!